God is Love and Love creates evil. All is connected.
I love evil. Love loves me. All is infected.
Shall there be evil? Love will know. Love's the one that sent it.
Step back and take your anonymity
Step back and take the new philosophy
Step back and take your anonymity
All is me
Love is not anything like everything we're told
It's energy is everything in balance it knows
So all is working hand in hand to satisfy the mother load
Satisfy the mother load 


Oh think, oh hide oh speak of your dirty game/Come drink the smoke the pills, a thrill always/In tune, incognito, solitary plan
Hazy, crazy man... Building an empire where no empire dare exist Everything I have lived against is before me in this tainted immanence... Stop it all and seize your day/You've got no feeling, no kind of pain/But sickness is your is your whore.. You're still counting numbers on the killing floor/You've got no feeling, no kind of pain anymore/Locked in a world where you are adored/Still can't help the way that you are/I lost sense of sense/People that hate have never been/The clicks of the clicks, the spiral fall/Beyond it all... And yet I give my lifeblood for everything it is/You know I give my lifeblood... Away we go into the bliss